Bijoux Indiscrets Za Za Zu Feather Handcuffs


Bijoux’s Za Za Zu hand cuffs not only are a fun restraint, but also double up for sensation play. Roll them up in your hands and run the feathers across your partners body, or alternatively use the cold metal chain for a different sensation.

Colour: Black

Trap your lover with the softness of these beautiful feather handcuffs.

Handcuffs, a soft feather tickle and a metal chain - this is an amazing 3 in 1.

Soft on the wrists, these handcuffs make you feel comfortable while having fun in different ways, a beautiful and fun addition to the bedroom.

Bijoux explain that being tied up can induce an adrenaline rush, which increases sexual tension and releases alpha waves into the brain that can induce a type of hypnotic state. These are a beautiful set of handcuffs that can be used to introduce light bondage play into the bedroom and explore some of your more wild fantasies.

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