Our Social Mission

Inspired by pioneering ‘sex-positive’ global brands and voices, we want to encourage everyone - from complete beginners to the more experienced - to explore and understand their bodies, enrich their sexual experiences, and succumb to the pleasure of the moment. Our toys are all 100% body safe (vegan friendly) and have been developed with extensive research and expert insight.

Knowledge is power

As a company we aim to build a network of educational support for all those questions you may not feel comfortable asking at the dinner table! We write blogs, answer questions and have been known to run talks and classes with leading sex experts from around the world. The most powerful tool for a better sex life is education and open conversations, we encourage people to ask us!

Watch A-Z of Sex Positive by Je Joue

Sex positive

This little phrase is an extremely important one to us. People often ask, what does sex positive mean? Sex positive means having a progressive and non-judgemental attitude towards sex and sexuality. We all have the right to sexually express ourselves in our own individual ways (if it’s consensual and legal) and should feel comfortable to do so.

Give a little feedback

We are proud to have donated proportions of our sales to a variety of charities. Through our work with Colourful Cocks and Quims we’ve supported the Family Planning Association, as well as partnering with Gillian Anderson to support the Women’s and Girl’s network. If you’re a charity, or know of a charity that needs supporting, please feel free to get in touch and we can see what we can do to help!

Looking for a vegan vibrator? You’ll be pleased to know that all our products are 100% vegan, get in touch if you’d like more information!