Bijoux Indiscrets Burlesque Bow Nipple Covers


The Burlesque Bow nippies by Bijoux Indiscrets are perfect for all sexy occasions. The self-adhesive strip on the inside means they stick comfortably to the body and enables them to be used on multiple occasions. Combine with your favourite lingerie and you’ll understand the sexy feeling that burlesque gives.

Colour: Black

These nipple covers come in a small and cute box, with an adhesive strip covering the sticky side. Simply peel off the strip (don’t throw it away!) and stick over the nipple. On the outside a beautiful bow is tied across the front giving a sexy finish.

Once used, place the strip that was peeled off back over the sticky side and return the nippies to the original packaging to keep free from dust/lint - these can be used multiple times. If you feel they begin to not stick properly, Bijoux advises to gently wash with warm water and soap, leave to dry and they should regain their stickiness.

The Burlesque nippies reclaim the spirit of cabaret and vaudeville theatre. Feel the splendour and sophistication of those nights, use them to bring an authentic vintage touch to your seduction.

Turn yourself into a dancer with this product to get an authentic feeling. A sensual dance is one of the most timeless, simple and effective ways to seduce and fantasise with your lover.

When it comes time to sensual dancing, Bijoux recommend several things to keep in mind.

  • Firstly, set the mood to get into the right frame of mind. Make sure the lighting is right and remember that furniture can be put to good use; chairs, door frames or columns are all great dance props.
  • Try to be graceful and agile in your movements, don’t freeze. Get close, insinuate yourself, but keep at a distance so your partner can’t touch you. 
  • Play with your eyes, making sure they never take theirs off you. 
  • Hair and clothes are an important part of the experience. Start out with your hair up so you can shake it loose. Wear what makes you feel sexy and your partner will feel the experience through your confidence.

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