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4 Turn-ons you didn't know have names

We all have different turn-ons, they're what make us so sexually unique! From hands to piercings to tattoos to buttocks, all turn-ons have their own names! 

Have you heard of these four before? You may just have one and not know the name... 

1) Stigmatophilia - A person with Stigmatophilia is someone who gets sexually aroused from another person having tattoos, or having them themselves! 

2) Crurophilia - Crurophilia is the sexual desire for legs. Individuals may experience a sexual attraction to a particular area such as the thighs, knees, or calves.

3) Maschalagnia - Maschalagnia is a sexual arousal towards armpits. It refers to the arousal or pleasure derived from the sight, smell, or touch of someone's underarms. 

4) Pygophilia - A person with Pygophilia can gain sexual arousal from seeing or touching the buttocks of another person.

So there you have it, four turn-ons that you (probably!) didn't know had names!

There are plenty more out there with names, do you know what your turn-on is called?

It could be worth researching and learning more to help you gain even more insight into your sexual desires and how you can expand them for your own pleasure! 

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