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Travelling with sex toys isn’t as simple as you may think. When you go away your aim may be to focus on relaxation and pleasure in various forms, including enjoying sex whether that’s self-pleasure or with another. Below is a simple travel checklist when travelling with sex toys, following it can help ensure you can enjoy as many orgasms in as many locations around the world, without having your favourite sex toy taken away from you.

Travel Check List:

  • Pack in your carry-on luggage. Make sure you’ve packed your sex toys correctly. Depending on the airline you travel, some rechargeable battery-powered sex toys may need to be packed in your hand luggage rather than suitcase.
  • Make sure your lubricant follows liquid guidelines when travelling. If taking lubricant, opting for a new unopened bottle will have less chance of leaking. If the lubricant is going into your hand luggage remember it won’t be able to exceed 100mls, some prefer travelling with lubricant sachets over bottles due to this.
  • Make sure they’re easy to see. When packing your sex toys, putting them in a clear plastic sandwich bag or similar can help keep the product clean and visible if your bags get checked.
  • Smaller the better. If packing a sex toy in your carry-on luggage, aim for packing sex toys under 7 inches in length, as there are restrictions on some airlines for items longer than this. This makes Je Joue’s bullet vibrators and Mimi pebble vibrator great for taking in your on-flight bag.
  • Switch on the travel lock before going. Make sure the travel lock is turned on! You want to avoid any sex toys going off in your suitcase or carry-on bag as this can lead to additional checks.
  • Take a charger that will work. Take a universal charger or socket. A USB universal socket adapter is all you need to charge ore sex toys now days.
  • Be honest If questioned during travel checks, be honest about carrying sex toys and what they are. If you’re nervous, traveling with the instruction manual or box may help you explain what the product is too.

The countries listed here either have sex toy travel bans or there have been reports of sex toys being confiscated when travelling in the past.

See our map of the world and hover over the country you wish to learn about the sex toy regulations: 

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There’s a correlation between sex toy travel bans and limitations to anti-homosexuality laws. Whilst homosexually may be legal in some places sex toys are restricted, there are very few who have full decriminalisation, meaning that some locations LGT individuals visiting may not be able to fully express their sexuality when on holiday.

Alabama There’s a lot of confusion around Alabama and sex toy laws. Some places have stated that travelling with sex toys is banned, however the law there mostly focuses on how selling sex toys is banned. You’re only likely to be stopped when travelling with sex toys if there’s a suspicion you are travelling with the intent to sell them.

LGBT Law Status: Legal but not fully decriminalised

Bhutan Is another place where some people have reported having their sex toys seized when travelling. However, most of the time this only occurs when there’s an intent to sell or someone is travelling with a lot of sex toys.

LGBT Law Status: Legal but not fully decriminalised

Cayman Islands Section 157 Penal Code restricts important of sex toys based on probably resale. It’s rarely been enforced for those casually going on holiday with their sex toys, but worth being aware of.

LGBT Law Status: Legal but not fully decriminalised

Egypt  Under Islamic law sex toys can be prohibited and there may be issues when travelling with them.

LGBT Law Status: Unknown

Fiji Some regulations can affect travelling with sex toys.

LGBT Law Status: Legal but not fully decriminalised

Indonesia There are some regulations which may make travelling with sex toys difficult and lead to them being confiscated.

LGBT Law Status: Unknown

India  Has a travel ban when it comes to sex toys, meaning there’s a high chance of them being confiscated when you travel there with sex toys.

LGBT Law Status: Legal and other laws relating to LGBT right slowly changing

Iran There is a travel ban when it comes to sex toys, which can lead to extreme consequences such as jail time and not just taking away your sex toys if found.

LGBT Law Status:  Fully Illegal

Iraq  Sex toys are banned and may result in travel issues.

LGBT Law Status: Unknown

Kenya Has a history of sex toys being confiscated when travelling in the past although it’s not clear if there’s a ban on travelling with sex toys. Just be aware it’s possible you may have sex toys confiscated if travelling to Kenya.

LGBT Law Status: Illegal

Kuwait Has some regulations around sex toys which can result in travel issues.

LGBT Law Status: Men who have sex with men are banned, however women who have sex with women are not banned

Lebanon It’s unknown if sex toys are banned in Lebanon, but there have been reports of sex toys being confiscated in the past.

LGBT Law Status: Unknown

Malawi Has very laws and bans around sex toys and pornography which can result in a travel ban and confiscation.

LGBT Law Status: Illegal

Malaysia There is a travel ban on sex toys

LGBT Law Status: Illegal

Maldives There is a travel ban on sex toys

LGBT Law Status: Illegal

Oman Taking sex toys into Oman is illegal

LGBT Law Status: Illegal

Papua New Guinea Sex toys can be classed as sexual enhancements which can mean they are illegal. You’re unable to take sexual enhancements into Papua New Guinea.

LGBT Law Status: Illegal for men who have sex with men, but legal for women who have sex with women. Not fully decriminalised

Qatar It is illegal to travel to Qatar with sex toys.

LGBT Law Status: It is illegal for men who have sex with men, women who have sex with women is unknown.

Saudi Arabia There is a travel ban on sex toys.

LGBT Law Status: Illegal

Senegal Sex Toys are banned and may cause travel issues.

LGBT Law status: Illegal

Sri Lanka Can be confiscated at the airport but there is no hard and fast sex toy ban when travelling, so it’s dependant on who checks your bags.

LGBT Law Status: Illegal

Kitts and Nevis Realistic sex toys can be banned from importation and may get flagged at an airport.

LGBT Law Status: Legal but not fully decriminalised

Lucia Again another one where realistic sex toys can be banned from importation and may get flagged at an airport.

LGBT Law Status: Men who have sex with men is illegal whereas women who have sex with women is legal

Texas Bringing more than 6 sex toys may get flagged but there’s no solid travel ban.

LGBT Law Status: Legal but more laws coming in criminalising LGBT

Thailand has a travel ban around sex toys.

LGBT Law Status: Legal but not fully decriminalised

 Turks and Caicos Islands Sex Toys are prohibited and may lead to travel restrictions and issues.

LGBT Law Status: Legal but not fully decriminalised

Uganda Sex toys used by same sex couples in fully banned and in the past sex toys travelling with heterosexual couples have been confiscated too.

LGBT Law Status: Illegal

United Arab Emirates Have a strict travel ban on sex toys.

LGBT Law Status: Is fully illegal

Vietnam Travelling with sex toys is prohibited.

LGBT Law Status: Legal but not fully decriminalised

Zambia Some restrictions around particular types of sex toys, which may make travelling with sex toys harder.

LGBT Law Status: Men who have sex with men banned, but not women who have sex with women

Zimbabwe There have been incidents where sex toys have been confiscated and led to jail and fines, but it’s unclear if there’s a full travel ban

LGBT Law Status: Men who have sex with men illegal but women who have sex with women legal.

Reasons why some places may restrict certain sex toys

Massagers, Medical Devices, Vibrators

Whilst some places may have restrictions on sex toys as they class them as adult products, some may let you off if they can be classed as a massager or medical device. We’re a long way off being prescribed sex toys though, so often going with massager over vibrator works out well particularly if it’s a non-insertable sex toy.

BDSM items

If it’s ok to take sex toys to the place you’re visiting, you may still want to rethink taking any BDSM items. Some locations have stricter obscenity laws where BDSM items are a big no. Other can flag BDSM items as weapons. It’s always worth checking before you pack any kinky items even if they appear innocent to you.

Realistic vs abstract sex tech

You may struggle getting sex toys that look like genitals through airport checks, as some locations have specific laws about sex toys and how they should and shouldn’t look. Vulva male masturbators, or penis dildos have a higher chance of being confiscated when compared to more abstract looking sex toys.

Differences between “male” sex toys and “female” sex toys

Some locations have stricter guidelines around male vs female sexual enjoyment and expression. In some countries there are stricter regulations for men who have sex with men and this can mean that when men pack sex toys they have a higher chance of being flagged at luggage checks when taking sex toys with them.

Anal sex toys

Places that have sodomy laws may refuse travel with anal sex toys such as butt plugs. Many of these places have some form of anti-LGBTQ+ law.

Your relationship status may affect whether you can take sex toys or not

In some countries only certain types of marriage are recognised. This can mean that if you’re travelling with a partner and are married but it’s not recognised in the country you are visiting that sex toys may be flagged at luggage checks. Some places are more likely to ok sex toys when checked too if you’re in a heterosexual relationship or marriage.

If you’re single or travelling alone, some places may confiscate your sex toys, as they may only allow you to explore sex toys if you’re married.

Some of these are up to who performs your luggage checks, and the locations regulations.

Taking too many sex toys

It can sound like a good idea to pack all your favourite sex toys for you to enjoy when away, however some locations such as Texas have restrictions on how many sex toys you can own. In the past there have been some report where people have been refused entry or sex toys confiscated due to it being suspicious they are travelling with so many. This is often links with air lines trying to reduce sex workers or selling of sex toys in certain locations as some can presume that more sex toys means you are involved in the sex trade and adult industry.

How Holidays Can Help Your Sex Life

Couples who are experiencing sexual discrepancies in their day-to-day lives can sometimes see an improvement in their sex life when they go away on holiday together. There are a few main reasons couples are more likely to have sex when on holiday if they’re struggling normally in their day-to-day. One reason is because when the couple are on holiday they have less stress around other obligations and set self-care, relaxation and pleasure as high priority. Another reason is that couples on holiday often schedule and plan sex more, including foreplay and dates before they actually enjoy sex together. Often couples who struggle with their sex life before going on holiday, often forget the importance of scheduling sex.

Studies also show that individuals are more likely to have sex with someone new when going on holiday, with around 32% of people having sex with a new partner for the first time. That’s one to make a holiday memorable!

It’s perfectly ok to enjoy sex on holiday, and some couples will report they are happy having more sex when away even if they have fewer encounters when not on holiday with their partner. When it comes to sex with a partner the focus should be on quality over quantity, and this can make a huge difference when having a satisfying sex life. Some couples can be satisfied with less sex if they find it fulfilling when they have sex.

Ways To Spice-Up a Holiday When You Can’t Take Sex Toys

If you’re going on holiday to a place where you can’t take sex toys, taking time to enjoy sex with your partner can still be enjoyable and fun. Focusing on sensual foreplay with massage can help enhance the erotic energy between each other, and help release feel-good hormones that further relaxation and connection.

Break your normal sex schedule! If you normally have sex during a particular time of the day, whilst you’re away on holiday you have the opportunity to explore sex at different times. You don’t have to fit sex in-between work or other commitments, so now is the time to explore that mid-day-romp. Changing up the time you normally have sex can help make it feel more spontaneous.

Get adventurous with sex positions Depending on where you’re staying you may be able to explore different sex positions with the help of various furniture. Explore the bath or shower. Now’s the time to get creative and try sex positions you normally wouldn’t at home due to being either stuck in a routine or limited on just your bed.

Try role play when you’re on holiday you have the opportunity to try more role play, as you can explore different personas and identities when out and about and explore with your identity in ways you may be too nervous to when around people who know you.

Take a moment for yourself When going on holiday with a partner it can become a bit of a pattern to do everything together. Taking a moment to have a little explore by yourself can help reawaken passion and longing when you meet up together again afterwards.

Je Joue’s Top Sex Toys For Travel

Even in locations where there are no travel bans around sex toys there are still possibilities of losing your luggage or sex toy during travel away from home.


The Mimi is a compact pebble vibrator that doesn’t look like intimidating and could pass as a general massager. It’s small enough to carry in your carry-on luggage and has a travel lock to make sure it doesn’t go off in your bag when you’re on the move.

The Vita Bullet Vibrator

This is a small wand-like vibrator which again could pass as a massager rather than sex toy if needed. Some people find wand-like sex toys are more likely to pass baggage checks as they can be used for all over body massage to help aches and pains. The Vita has a travel lock and is USB rechargeable.

When on holiday some locations may restrict taking sex toys to them when travelling, and a few may not have physical sex shops, however some still allow you to order sex toys online!


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