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Anal Massage: 10 Tips for Great Anal Foreplay

From butt plugs to rimming, to pegging, to penetration the possibilities of feeling good from playing with your butt are endless. Anal Massage is a deeply sensual and satisfying form of anal play that often gets overlooked. We invite you to enjoy this pleasurable act by trying out some of the techniques in our guide for giving an anal massage.

What is anal massage, and does an anal massage really feel good?

Anal massage is external stimulation around the anal area using hands, vibrators, or even your mouth. The anus is one of the most nerve-rich areas of the body and it becomes engorged when you're aroused, making it very sensitive and receptive to touch.

Both penis-owners AND vulva-owners are fortunate enough to have these super-sensitive nerve endings around their anal opening, so literally, EVERYBODY can experience the joys of an anal massage

Anal massage can be part foreplay, help you get ready for anal penetration or other types of sex play, or anal massage can be the "main event" of your play session. Enjoy exploring the many ways it might feel good for you!

Talking About Anal Massage: Consent and Communication

Consent and communication are at the center of having safe and pleasurable anal play of any kind, including anal massage. Asking specific questions and stating boundaries clearly will set the tone for hot sex. Try getting specific with questions like: "Do you want to explore externally only, or try a little penetration with a finger or an anal plug? Are you interested in incorporating vibration? What about oral play? Can the massage also extend to your genitals?"

Getting Ready for an Anal Massage

We recommend keeping your nails trimmed or using latex or nitrile gloves to make sure you don't scratch the anus. Besides being great safer sex barriers, gloves also help to keep things clean. Remember to change out your gloves when going from the ass to anywhere else in the body.

Some receivers like to use an enema or anal douche if they're expecting to go from anal massage to anal penetration to ensure cleanliness before play.

Everyone's needs around personal hygiene and sex are different, so do what makes you most comfortable! Also, ensure you have all the items you need for your play session. This might include safer sex barriers, your favorite lube for anal play, massage oil or candles, and your favorite butt plug or anal-friendly vibrator!

Ten Tips for Giving a Great Anal Massage

Anal massage Tip 1: Foreplay all the way!

A warm-up helps build arousal. Incorporate lots of foreplay and all-over massage. Focus on the lower back, butt cheeks, thighs, crack, and taint to build up anticipation as you get closer to the anus. Try using a warm massage candle, body-friendly massage oil, or water-based lube to reduce unwanted friction. Remember to check whether the oil or lube you're using is compatible with your safer sex barriers and toys.

Anal massage Tip 2: Use the Pads of Your Fingertips to Explore

Using the flatter and fleshier parts of your fingertips helps apply varying amounts of pressure without creating a poking sensation. Using the pads of your fingers and lots of lube, trace your partner's butt crack, the perimeter of the anus, and the anal opening. Switch between lighter touch and more firm pressure to gauge what kinds of touch feel better on different parts of your partner's butt!

Anal massage Tip 3: Circle the Perimeter

Using one finger, make larger or smaller circles around the perimeter of the anal opening. Vary between large circles around the opening, many small loops around the anus, or figure 8 shapes that center at the opening.

Anal massage Tip 4: Rub Up & Down or Side to Side

Use a lubricated fingertip or thumb to massage in up & down or side-to-side strokes. Try different rhythms and amounts of pressure. If going up & down, you can extend the stroke to go up the butt crack, or down to tease the taint.

Anal massage Tip 5: Hold Your Fingers Still and Apply Pressure

Cup the booty with the palm of your hand, sliding one or two fingers between the cheeks, and resting them on the anus. While holding still, apply gentle pressure to the anal opening, to help promote blood flow and switch up the sensation.

Anal massage Tip 6: Use Multiple Fingers to Create Different Sensations

Using either two fingers on the same hand or one finger from each hand, try alternating strokes. Position one finger on either side of the anus and rub up on one side then the other. Switch directions to create different sensations. You can also move both fingers at the same time, so you're mirroring the stroke on either side of the anus.

Anal massage Tip 7: Incorporate Vibration

External vibration can feel good all over the body, and the anus is no exception. Use an anal safe vibrator with a flared base, or a finger vibrator that can attach to your finger to tease the anus and taint externally. If your toy has a flared base, you can also experiment with inserting it if the mood strikes!

Anal massage Tip 8: Switch Up the Sensations by Using Your Mouth

Your mouth can also create a whole range of different sensations to diversify your anal massage. Use your tongue to try broad or pinpoint stimulation around the anus, trying out some of the same techniques listed here, but using your tongue instead of your fingers. You can also use your mouth for kissing or light nibbling around the cheeks while you use your hands for anal massage.

Anal massage Tip 9: Use Your Fingertip to Tease Penetration

Move from massaging around the anal opening to teasing the anal opening with the possibility of penetration. Using a lot of lube, position your fingertip directly on the anal opening. Slide your finger down to the bottom of the anal opening (the side closest to the taint) and apply gentle downward pressure to the external sphincter. Check-in with your partner about whether they want more teasing, or if they want you to insert your finger.

Anal massage Tip 10: Look Beyond the Anus

The anus is connected to the taint and genitals through a set of overlapping pelvic floor muscles. Because our genitals and anus work together as part of a larger pleasure system, and our whole body is covered in nerve endings, it can feel really good to stimulate the base of the genitals, the vulva, the shaft, or any other erogenous zones during an anal massage. Keep arousal building and extend the pleasure sensations throughout the body by taking an all-over, holistic approach to your play.

Anal massage is a great way to introduce anal play into your sex life. Looking to go a little deeper and start exploring penetration? Check out our Guide to Anal Fingering for more tips!

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