Sex Education

When thinking about sex toys, our minds usually jump straight to heteronormative ways of erotic play. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. There are many sex toys available that fit everyone’s body.  

We’ve gathered our favourite toys that are every body friendly and can be used in many ways on different parts of the body.

It’s good to remember that sex toys designed for internal play can be used by anyone as well as be used externally for all over body stimulation.

Keep in mind that erogenous zones aren’t defined by gender and everyone has different areas of the body that feel aroused and pleasurable when stimulated by sex toys.


The flexibility of this rabbit vibrators allows you to experiment with it in so many creative ways. Whilst it is great for dual stimulation of the clitoris and vagina, the flexible shaft and arm means it’s great for exploring penetration anally with the arm massaging the perinium at the same time. The flexible shaft and arm of the rabbit vibrator can also be flexed around the shaft of the penis to add in new sensations during penis play.


This pebble shaped vibrator can be used by anyone looking to explore external stimulation and massage. Pebble shaped vibrators such as the Mimi are amazing for both genital and non-genital focused stimulation. Explore erogenous zones with it and find hidden sweet spots such as massaging the inguinal areas and pubic mound which is enriched in sensual nerve ending that can lead to orgasm when stimulated for both penis and vulva owners.


Anal pleasure can be enjoyed by many. Anal play can help bring blood flow to the pelvic floor as well as stimulate the pelvic plexus nerves which are found in everyone. This bundle of nerves is directly linked to the genitals and when stimulated can lead to better clitoral and penile erections and orgasms.


Many LGBTQ+ individuals say they can struggle to connect pleasure with their bodies due to the lack of sex education. Using massage candles can help make you aware of sensations throughout your body and help you learn how pleasure can be a whole body experience that doesn’t have to conform to penile and vaginal pleasure only.

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